Goat’s Milk Baby Biscuit

Once upon a time…

Healthy body structure starts in mother womb. And the story of man's mental, physical and psychological development becomes apparent with birth.

Despite the indispensable value of breast milk, approximately 6 months after birth, the need for outside food intake starts. Precisely at this point quality of diet gains considerable importance. The matter of what kind of food will be given to the pure and defenseless body of baby determines the whole story of baby. Hünnap with the ‘’essence of kindness’’ production philosophy has achieved to develop an important product, suitable to child’s delicate nature, to meet the basic needs of babies: ‘’Hünnap Baby Biscuits with Goat Milk’’

Inside it there are extensive goat milk which is nearest milk to breast milk, whole wheat flour, date molasses, carob flour. An indispensable baby biscuit product with its taste. New generation baby biscuit which includes all necessary vitamins for strong and healthy growth of babies, doesn’t contain glucose, preservatives, colorings and additives. Hünnap continues to share the essence of goodness with Goat’s Milk Baby Biscuits in the first period of human life for a happy and healthy life.