About Us

Hünnap Doğal Ürünler’s main target is to keep alive and generalize the health-giving Anatolian taste tradition.

Tastes From Anatolia

There is a proverb from the East that says ‘’you are what you eat’’, a saying that has sadly been neglected by the general masses in these times of urbanization. People have begun to move away from the pureness the soil has to offer. Stressful pace of day reduce our energy and our life quality. People who live in this inconvenient environment feel the tension, get easily angry and change eating habits to keep up with the pace of day. People become inclined to eat unnatural, ready-made foods. As a result of all this negativities people become prone to health problems.

We began this journey with the intention of bringing people back together with nature. We have endeavoured to bring the pure and ancient traditions of the East, back to life in modern times. And it is our vision to bring them back to life, back to nature, to a stronger, healthier and happier life.