Carob Extract

Believe Goodness Inside


Hünnap’s carob extract is produced from the highest quality carob pulp, and contains no additives, thickeners, colorants, preservatives or glucose.

The carob extract which is produced with carob fruit, is an unique food with its smell and taste and contains the minerals and other vitamins essential to one’s body and well-being.

The carob fruit has for many years been an essential part of the Anatolian diet, and to find a kitchen in the Anatolian region without it would be a difficult task.

It is obtained in sterile conditions from carefully selected, high in natural sugar, Mediterranean carob fruits. Thereby these product maintains its traditional taste, density, naturality and rich content.

Hünnap Carob Extract is produced with cold infusion method and enriched by vitamins. A special product with its taste and content.

Carob Fruit, Vitamins (Niacin, Folic Acid, B6, Biotin)

Daily Portion

Per 10 ml

Per 15 ml

Carob Fruit

12797.3 mg

19195.95 mg

Vitamin B3(niasin)

2.4 mg (*BRD %15)

3.6 mg (*BRD %22.5)

Vitamin B12

0.4 µg (*BRD %15)

0.6 µg (*BRD %22.5)

Folic acid

30 µg (*BRD %15)

45 µg (*BRD %22.5)

Vitamin B6

0.21 mg (*BRD %15)

0.315 mg (*BRD %22.5)


7.5 µg (*BRD %15)

11.25 µg (*BRD %22.5)

Other Vitamins and minerals of Carob Extract

Mg (Magnesium)

532.2 mg/kg

K (Potassium)

12.135 mg/kg

Ca (Calcium)

943.2 mg/kg

P (Phosphorus)

805.82 mg/kg

Fe (İron)

27.09 mg/kg

Zn (Zinc)

14.81 mg/kg

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

0.14 mg/kg

Soluble Fiber

16.1 mg/kg

Gluten Analysis (ppm)

< 3 ppm AOAC Method