The word propolis is derived from Greek, in which pro stands for “defence, protection” and polis for “community” or “city’’.

It has been used as an alternative food among people for its health properties since ancient times, as early as 300BC.

More than 300 compounds have been identified so far in propolis, 150 of them are bioactive compounds.

Unlike bee polen, propolis contains B1, B2, C, E vitamins as well as zinc, copper, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium.

According to analysis:

Total Phenolic: 14640 mg/L

Total Flavonoids: 4732mg/L

Our product which consist of pure propolis extract and water (without any additives), can be used safely.

There is no alcohol in the final product. Ethyl alcohol, used in the extraction process to obtain pure propolis from crude propolis, is removed afterwards.

You can use the product with solid and liquid foods.


Pure Propolis Extract %15

Pure Water %85

Product Content 30ml

Active Ingredient


10 Drop

20 Drop

40 drop

Pure Propolis


40.5 mg

81 mg

162 mg